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Pascal Gamer Magazine is a free, online, downloadable (PDF) publication with a focus on game development and design with Pascal and Object Pascal development tools. It will have many great features for those interested in programming, level design, the commercial and independent game industry, news and highlights on Pascal tools technologies and other developers as well as the latest games made with our beloved tools.

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22nd October 2011

Pascal Gamer is coming soon to the App Store for iPad!

You will soon be able to get the full reader experience of the most exciting Pascal game programming digital magazine on the net, right on your iPad! Development is well under way and you will be able to download each issue of Pascal Gamer as a digital app from Apple's iTunes App Store.

These issues will be completely free for a limited time until we publish and release our 4th issue.

Keep an eye back here for it's release in a few weeks time.

8th July 2011

Well it's been some time hasn't it? Hoping for a new issue of Pascal Gamer Magazine? Don't worry weary readers, we haven't closed up shop yet. We are just reorganizing the way we do business.

Until late last year I was running a Windows machine which I used Scribus to edit the issues of Pascal Gamer. I've since switched to an iMac which was an interesting learning curve to say the least. The switch from Scribus was a necessary one anyway, considering the instability of the Mac OS X port and the new versions across all platforms, such is open source.

Instead I will be using iStudio Publisher which is instead a commercial application and is very stable and easy to use for publications such as our amazing magazine. As such I am going to have to create an entirely new template, that will retain much of the look of the old one. Hopefully with this new desktop publishing tool at work we will be able to see more improvements to the magazine's digital version.

Everyone please stay tuned for more later this year...

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