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Pascal Gamer Magazine is primarily a free to download publication. It generates each issue solely from the contributions of other community members who receive no financial compensation for their efforts. As this is such, it is hard to bring in a continuous amount of free talent to contribute each issue to the magazine. You monetary donations however could help Pascal Gamer enable the magazine to be much more than a beefed-up seasonal newsletter. We could pay for professional advertising, finance print publication, hire professional consultants, cover costs of web hosting and even small contest prizes.

So please help to keep Pascal Gamer going and maybe even help it grow as a regular magazine. We'll accept ANY donation amount you feel you can offer. To make sending your donations easy we've set up a PayPal Donate button that you can click on to make a payment of the amount you enter into the form.

Thanks again for your interest in helping us make Pascal Gamer better. Every little bit helps!

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