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Advertise with Us!

We are trying to expand our readership and in doing so we would like to offer any small company or independent developers who have Pascal made tools or games to advertise with us.

Right now all you need to do to get full or half page advertising is mention Pascal Gamer Magazine on your blog or website and we will be willing to include your ad in our magazine.

We love Pascal and know that you do too. So lets help each other to grow and spread the word of our favourite programming language and the developer tools that use them.

How Do We Send You Our Ad?

Pascal Gamer is printed at 300 dpi for a nice looking print so all advertisement images can be submitted in any format, but must be at least 300dpi to look good in the magazine. A full page ad is 8.5 x 11 inches, while a half page ad is 8.5 x 5.5 inches and will be paired with another half page ad on the same page.

For those independent developers submitting for free advertisement, we would like to ask that you provide us both a full and half page ad to help us in maximizing the look of our page layouts. We will try to use as many full page ads as we can, but sometimes we may have to adjust for an odd number of printable pages.

We have provided the following Templates below for you to use in creating a properly formatted advertisement for your game or products. Please use them as you need. Once you have completed your new ad, email it to contact@pascalgamer.com and we will review it for addition to future issues.

Half Page Ad Template   Half Page Ad Template
Banner Ads

Please feel free to use any of these banner advertisements and upload it to your site and link it you www.PascalGamer.com! Sometimes it's a little nicer than a text link.

110 x 80 PNG

250 x 250 PNG

468 x 60 Animated GIF

88 x 31 Animated GIF

468 x 60 PNG

160 x 600 PNG


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